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In a complex and imperfect market, we OTIIMA by Arch Glass believe we can make a sustainable business combined with project satisfaction our number one priority. From our extensive market knowledge as well as of our competitors, we are fast establishing ourselves as trustworthy, honest and dependable. We don't do what others simply do. We combine our team of experts with integrity and with a system that delivers way above the competition. Our connection with Otiima was meant to be.

Otiima - Much more than a Window represents innovation, family and success.


We found our calling. With our integrity on the top of our list, our intention is to be the market leader in design, implementation and delivery in the super-prime market in the UK. Our team represents success and growth in our fields which is reflected in the rapid growth of our business. The success of OTIIMA by Arch Glass and indeed our industry relies on the trust and reliance on delivery of a successful project. From architects, engineers, designers, and specifiers, we can accommodate any project in the luxury high-end and super-prime market in the UK. 


Over the course of the last seven years, Otiima has been consolidating our position in the market, through a strategy that combines research and technology within the industry as well as custom-made solutions capable of meeting the highest standards in design, comfort and safety.

From design intent to procurement, our friendly and hands-on team are ready to support your project. Working with some of the best architects in the world, we are well versed and experienced in delivering glazing to high-end, super-prime complex projects in the UK. In addition, we are backed by an award-winning design and manufacturing team in Otiima by Ecosteel.

OTIIMA -  Much More Than a Window is one of the only few minimal window systems which can incorporate minimal sliding doors, pivot doors, guillotine/sash, roof-lights curtain walling and glass façades. 

We are based in CENTRAL LONDON. Contact us for an appointment, zoom call, chat for an introduction to your project. Please call us on 0207 459 4146 or email us


The story of OTIIMA is intertwined with the story of Portuguese industrial heritage, since its founding, in the northern city of Portugal, Povoa de Varzim. Jose Maria Ferreira, the founder of OTIIMA felt a passion for metalworking and construction from a young age, impacted also by the Industrial Revolution in the late 70s.


These social, economic but also architectural events brought a new conscience towards the city and ways of living, a bigger interest in the defence of heritage and perseverance of manual work while keeping in mind the development of cities and human settlements. This unusual combination of cultural and industrial heritage with metalwork, and metallic and aluminium carpentry, gave origin to the desire to create something groundbreaking, that would uplift the aesthetics and architecture of the buildings. The story of OTIIMA is remarkable, which has characterized its growth, identity, and establishment to become one of the key players in the high-end frame systems market and a reference to all architects. The obsession with the ultra-slim started with Jose Maria Ferreira, who was in pursuit since his early career in 1985 to design and produce a sleek, refined frame system, a seamless division of interior and exterior, without the visible borders of classic aluminium frames.


Two years later it came to the centre stage of architecture and construction the first minimalist frame solution, presented by OTIIMA. Today after 3 decades the brand is not only the global reference for extraordinary, over 10m high, minimalist frames, but also the inspiration for many other brands. What started as a challenge for innovation, became the catalyst for everyone who became part of this journey and the mission to place a new window in every space and every building. OTIIMA evolved in the hands of skilled metalworkers, designers and engineers and transformed the company from a locksmith that manufactured aluminium profiles to the inventor of minimalist and cutting-edge frame systems. The journey continued with ingenious motorization and automation concepts that enabled OTIIMA to create the sleekest synchronized minimalist window in the world. Another trait that distinguishes OTIIMA is the audacity to dive into uncertainty and excel, performing with precision under the motto “You weren’t there, but we were”. This fearless DNA built by the combination of art, construction and metal find expression not only in the creation of outstanding frame systems but also in more than 35 years of experience, in more than 7000 realized works and global presence.


The factory museum is where the brand’s soul and inspiration live. Spread over an area of more than 17,000M2 the creative minds, the ambitious, the metal workers, and the artists are found together, carrying as a characteristic feature everywhere and always the indestructible values of OTIIMA. A unique space comprised of glass, aluminium, robotic machines, and artistic installations: an expansive setting blessed with natural light, creating an illuminated view of all the 7 production lines.

A natural and unparalleled connection exists between the Factory Museum and the skillful smiths, they nurture each other with wisdom, experience and above all the desire to leave their mark during the manufacturing process. The 7 production lines poured by over 100 pairs of talented minds and hands, prepare each element of the frame system with personalized perfection and admiration. OTIIMA’s goal is to be the global reference for minimalist frame systems, connecting architects, building constructors and engineers. The values of the brand are rooted in every work, in every product and project, only in this way the brand can achieve the impossible and create its legacy. VALUES Excellence It is in our foundation the commitment to excellence in every endeavour through discipline and passion. Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do, fueling our motivation to repeatedly deliver unforgettable experiences. Innovation is an essential component of our brand strategy, to nurture new ideas, encourage creativity and pioneer technological advancements. Trust and ethics Be an authentic brand, to build trust and sincere ethical commitments that come alive at every touchpoint of our brand. Sustainability It is our ambition to positively impact industry and address the concerns of our modern societies by providing high-quality products with a lifetime warranty. OTIIMA has a constant mindset in implementing eco-friendly actions, such as introducing fibreglass windows or decreasing the use of the anodizing process. Today our mission exceeds the simple production of minimalist windows, our experience and proven ability have given us a more noble responsibility, that of improving everyone’s life. 



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